Whether you want a live painter at your event or need your art supplies sold Samantha is your demo girl specializing in several mediums from acrylic, oil, plein air and pastels in all paint genres from landscape, pet portraits to abstract. She enjoys being a demo artist at Jerry’s Artarama out of Nashville, TN which gives her extra experience in demoing a plethora of genres and mediums. Samantha also demos at all kinds of events and venues to promote her mobile painting party business. Demoing is literally right up Samantha’s alley.

Samantha offers the following workshops:

Painting: Samantha can instruct small or large groups of all ages through a variety of painting mediums and subjects.

Motivation:¬†Samantha has a very broad breadth of experiences from world travel to owning a small business with many contacts in each of these areas enabling Samantha to easily and effectively bridge the gaps between ideas and desires setting today in motion for a better tomorrow.¬† Samantha can easily speak, counsel, teach and inspire other’s on the following topics: travel, living on little and debt free as you pursue your dreams, running a small business, marketing, networking, learning foreign languages, grief and family trauma, care giving, living life as an artist, painting, humanitarian and non profit work and fitness and health.

Mobile Painting Parties and Face Painting: Samantha offers mobile painting parties and face painting through her business, Coffee and Canvas. You can book a party or face painting gig directly through the Coffee and Canvas website.

You can commission Samantha for: canvas stretching, pet portraits, mural, portraiture, illustration, detailing, paintings, etc. Samantha loves unique painting projects, and would be happy to fulfill your request.

Private Painting Lessons
Samantha offers private painting lessons for art lovers of all ages. She can help you hone your technique or teach you all the basics.