Sunsets Over Tennessee Plein Air Series by S. Nolloth Art

Artist Statement:

Life’s a journey to me, it’s a quest and I am not giving up. I strive to live life to the fullest so when my life took some hard hits in 2016, I was determined to continue painting. I have always loved sunsets, so in August 2016, I decided to paint sunsets in plein air every day from my back deck in Tennessee. I thought this would be a great way to keep moving forward with painting despite the transformative life events I was navigating at the time.  My, Sunsets over Tennessee Series (2016-ongoing), started my plein air painting adventures and are some the first plein air paintings I ever attempted. The series ignited a craving in me to plein air paint sunsets all over the world.  

I find plein air painting sunsets to be profoundly authentic and raw, as the oil scraps across the canvas, I feel like I am jumping into the sunset becoming part of the pure glory of the rays as they burst forth amongst the clouds.  Sunsets happen very quickly, I get absolutely covered in paint no matter the precautions I take to be neat and keep the paint contained. My gloves get pulled off and even my hair ends up with paint streaks. I am free and wild as I paint sunsets.  

Painting sunsets enthralls me and makes me happy- I enjoy every stroke. I leave the paintings as they are and do not go back to work on them in the studio- I want to share the sunset as it truly happened each night with no adjustments.  Hanging the sunsets together in a grid I hope to, first, elicit the captivating affect of the sun setting with the sheer size of the installation, and, second, draw the viewer in for a closer and more personal look at each sunset.

These are just a sampling of Samantha Nolloth’s sunset series. She currently has over 51 sunsets painted and counting!

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